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Justin Shafer (HF #1104 - center) with Tyler Hudson (HF #1106 - left) and Missy Carmen (HF #1105 - right) in front of the Skydive Tecumseh bus. Nov 24, 2016 - Be a proud member of the Ramen Lovers Club!• Woven iron-on patch • 7,5cm diameter. HF # 131 - Michael Matthews packing up at Midwest Freefall. Alayna Leduc -Hellfish # 1059 (in the center), Paul Hebert (Hf #1058) getting ready to jump with Stew Elder (HF #884), Orlando Ruiz - HF #1056 - preparing to exit, Orlando Ruiz - HF #1056 over Napoleon, MI, Ramiz Toma (HF #1055) & Stew Elder (HF # 884) over Napoleon, MI, Kelly Deraedt (HF #1054) with Kenny Beach (HF #866 ) and Marty MacDonald (HF #2) over Napoleon. Pete Olson (HF#1014) hails from San Diego. Others in the photo are (L to R) Marty MacDonald (HF#2), Larry Ekstrom (HF#121), Autumn Doody (HF#1180), Florin Negrut (HF# 1159), Mike Matthews (HF#130) and Nate Allen (HF#1181). Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma (in the corner) with Larry Ekstrom (HF #121), Hellfish # 1161 - Stephanie Folkersma - about to dock on Larry Ekstrom (HF # 121) and Adam Dennis (HF # 1158) at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1160 - Ross Ruder. Branden Minuth - U.S. Navy SEAL Team 2 - Hellfish #1115 - being introduced during a Lions Football Game as a part of the NFL's salute to our Military Personnel. Hellfish # 1202,  SPC Garrett Doonan, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Tactical Outfitters Holographic Stormtrooper Morale Patch $9.95 USD. $4.00. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. HF # 727 Marc Lambert - not at work, letting his hair down. Terry Payne - Hellfish #1097 - Introducing another nephew to skydiving, Doug "Diggler" Moomey - Hellfish #1096  @ Midwest Freefall, Doug "Diggler" Moomey - Hellfish #1096 -  on the left @ Midwest Freefall, Kyle Schroeder - Hellfish #1095 -  @ Midwest Freefall, Kyle Schroeder - Hellfish #1095 -  @ Midwest Freefall in the foreground, Taylor "Whitey" Meade  - Hellfish #1094 -  @   Midwest Freefall. Hellfish # 1186, Spencer Hill at Midwest Freefall getting ready to make another training jump.. Hellfish # 1186, Spencer completes another skydive. grades 3 … YouTube; Facebook; discography. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Chris "Topher" Day (HF#1071) with Moriah Lynn Day (HF#1072). Free shipping for many products! Let me know what you think. Reviews / Q&A. Hellfish # 1203, SGT Carl King, receiving his Hellfish shoulder patch from SFC Geary. Aaron is Hellfish #794 and the Southwest Regional Director of The Flying Hellfish. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi jumping in what looks to be a very dangerous costume to be skydiving in. Troy will be first out to shoot video for the State Record Attempt. Baby Yoda Face Mandalorian Happy VELCRO® BRAND Hook Fastener Patch. Kristi Manilla -(HF #1049) - rodeo wingsuit!! Yes, this is a tribute to the famous Simpson's "Hellfish", Abe Simpson's unit in WW2. Hellfish # 1154 - Wendy Faulkner is in this photo somewhere. C $16.45. Claire Greenshields (HF # 1065) received her A License from Steve Kanat (HF # 480) at Skydive Tecumseh/Napoleon on the last skydiving day of the year - 11-5-16. Kinsey Taylor (Hellfish #1112) OK, we are officially impressed, Andy Heins - Hellfish #1111 just got his A License. Davis (HF # 957) at Moab, Justin Tyler Davis- Vega Island Antartica, Ace Henderson (HF # 955) on the left @ "Jay Leno", Dennis Valdez (HF 954) with Ace Henderson (HF 955). PIN & PATCH. Nice job Pam!! Get Money PVC Morale Patch. Stuart Bearry (HF # 1012) with his new bride about a year ago. Branden Minuth - SEAL Team 2 (HF #1115) Jumping into the stadium of his Alma Mater, Bay City Western H.S. Embroidered Patch from Jon Creeden, $7.00 USD. On the left are HF # 1113 Adam Moyer (top) and HF #934, Lisa Miller (bottom). Oct 2020. Archived. Nick Barson (HF # 805) getting ready with Ryan "Gravy" Katchmar (HF#922) to jump an extremely short tower. RECORD 1st 19-1-0-0. Flying in formation in Brazil. Be the first! Hellfish #1234, Josh Pawson with Sloan Kanat (HF #1082) at Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI. HF # 942 Bertrand Cloutier - Quebec City, Quebec. Hellfish # 1151 - Anthony Maschek (right) with Scott Maschek (HF #1150, center) and another Maschek brother hoist their sister. Zac Bunzey HF # 960), Zac Bunzey (HF # 960) Justin Tyler (J.T.) One of the longest lasting horde guilds on Kil’jaeden, The Flying Hellfish is opening recruitment for competent players for Mythic EP and beyond. Gem Hodges (HF # 1066) showing her Hellfish Style by jumping in her tutu. HF # 130 - Pina Prosperi doing the bi-plane at the 2001 World FreeFall Convention in Quincy, IL. Bertrand is a long time BASE Instructor who can be seen regularly at Twin Falls and Moab with new students.HF # 942 Bertrand Cloutier. Many squad mamebers also carry the Hellfish … Saved from yeaaah-studio.com. JASDF TACTICAL RECONNAISSANCE GROUP/501SQ RF-4E FINAL 2020 PATCH VERSION2. SFC Geary  requested that their squad be given membership in The Flying Hellfish, since they are the "Fighting Hellfish". HF # 342 - Shagggio Rodriguez (aka, Ryan Levesque) newly named DZ Manager for Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI, HF # 342 -Shaggio Rodriguez in competition, HF # 342 - Shaggio Rodriguez - Medal Winner!! Hellfish #1226, Mike Heil making his first jump as a licensed skydiver. Mark is jumping with military gear from the 50's and 60's which some of us started jumping with - capewell release, belly mount reserve, hard landings, spots had to be accurate or you were off! $7.50. "Hellfish 1-3" was their call sign signifying 1st Platoon - 3rd Squad. Tom McCollum (HF # 1016) The picture needs to be a little larger to clearly show that is an MSU t-shirt - NOT Michigan!! HF # 677 - Pam Rizzo withTandem Master, Mike Pelzer (HF #675) and Dan Rizzo following out the door. Janos Pajor - HF # 1007 - flies (2) Hungarian Flags; one on top and one below. Robbie Roncelli (HF #1064) with Katie Hawkins (HF #1063). Rad gift for the TactiCool Simpsons fan in your world! Hellfish # 1187,  Raj Vangari (white helmet) with Maxine Tate (center), First Flight Instructor for the Canopy Course and the rest of her canopy class. We are inducting into the Flying Hellfish the entire "Hellfish 1-3" MP Squad, Praetorian Platoon, 747 MP Company who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009 and 2010. $16.00 $11.00. Sydney just got her A License in August 2020. Hellfish # 1120 - Ryan Uhley exits the Caravan over Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI. Eric's 19-man platoon was ambushed by the Mahdi Militia in Sadr City, Baghdad on 4-4-2004 at the start of the Iraq Insurgency. Here is one of the thousands of Photos taken by Luanne promoting the sport of BASE Jumping. Sale. Lee has over 1,000 jumps. Photography. Make … C $8.00. Hellfish # 1199, Lisa Jankowski, making her first skydive in 2016 at Midwest Freefall. The series is based on the book by the same name which chronicles the 24 hours which encompassed their being pinned down miles from their base and their subsequent rescue. PARCHE THE SIMPSONS ABE`S SIMPSON FLYING HELLFISH PATCH. Zack Robinson (HF# 1009) demonstrating skills other than falling out of airplanes. Nicole Richards (HF# 1044) proudly showing she passed!! Pure Hellfish!! disappearing homer lovers' edition patch. Mike Malone (HF# 1006) going low but getting back up. Hellfish # 1154 - Wendy Faulkner (top) teaching Joey Nenni (HF # 1027) some of the basics of CReW at Skydive Temple. Nick is First Officer at Skywest Airlines and also pilots for Out of The Blue Skydiving as well as being a jumper there. HF # 729 Miles Daisher, BASE 779, emcees the awards banquet at the 2013 Perrine Bridge Festival. Hellfish #1227, Keller Kanat getting ready for her first AFF Jump with her dad, Steve  (right - HF # 480) and Brian Sheehan (left - HF # 565). C $8.92; Buy It Now +C $2.97 shipping; 10 Watching. Glaze Hoster (HF # 994) after a long day at work??? From the left: John Fisher (HF #1090), Sam Brown (HF #1088), Larry Ekstrom (HF #121), Marty MacDonald (HF #@), and Doug Coleman (HF #1089). Hellfish # 1124 - Ron Manter (left) with Chris Pingston (HF # 941 - right) on the same 5-way as previous photo. 1,75 1 5 4. Profile page for the free company The Flying Hellfish. Hellfish # 1188, Josh Brueckner, doing a "Bat Hang" over Arizona. Hellfish # 1177 & 1176, Keith Williams and Ally Boyd (on the right) @ Midwest Freefall in 2019 (they weren't married when this photo was taken). Hellfish # 1182, Nathan Allen at Midwest Freefall Skydiving Center, Hellfish # 1182, Nathan Allen  exiting the Super Caravan over Midwest Freefall, Hellfish # 1182, Nathan doing a 3-Way with Rick DeShano (center) and Ally Williams (HF#1176 - right), Hellfish # 1182, Nathan doing a 6-Way (Nathan is at the top in blue), Hellfish # 1181, Beau Hoffman gets his A License @ Skydive Tecumseh @ Napoleon. -- The fundamental rule of any squad, "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" Therefore, Burns is dismissed from both the Hellfish and the tontine, leaving Abe as the possessor of the paintings. Hellfish 1-3 in front of the Praetorian Platoon Mural painted by SPC Ken Miller and SGT Michael Salsgiver. C $10.12; Buy It Now +C $16.52 shipping; 58 Sold. Condition: New. Ended: Jun 15, 2020, 01:57:45 AM PDT. Tactical Outfitters Mr. Meeseeks V2 Morale Patch $6.95 USD. Feb 10, 2019 - The FLYING HELLFISH patch! patches for collection purposes only. Some of our personal favorites embroidered and woven patches. Not to many people know that ol’ Grandpa Simpson was known during the war as “Raging Abe” Simpson and was a member of the Flying Hellfish! Hellfish #1221, Justin Van Fleet hails from Detroit Michigan and jumps at Skydive Tecumseh, Hellfish #1221, Justin (right), with Hellfish # 1217, Lauren Albert (center), in the loading area at Skydive Tecumseh, HF #1221, Justin, spotting a load in the King Air over Skydive Tecumseh in Napoleon, MI. Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown, (kneeling) with his father, Sam Brown (Hellfish #1088 on the right) at Skydive Allegan (MI), Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown at Midwest Freefall in Ray, MI, Hellfish # 1198, Michael Brown on a hoop dive with Larry Ekstrom (HF# 121) at Midwest Freefall. Which doesn't make much sense since his unit wasn't an … HF # 1026 Emily Harvey - Thank you for your service .... And can you get me a ride in one of these??? Hardware in 2015 leg in Iraq down Patchwerk, Select the department you want to search in 1063 ) Face. Facing to left of patch Militaria, Current Militaria ( 2001-Now ) | Embroidered... 1113 Adam Moyer ( top ) and dad ( Steve ) # 1091 ) shot video... Pendleton as a Heavy Equipment Operator SGT Michael Salsgiver, receiving his hellfish shoulder patches by their Officer! Jeff 's Helmet looking good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A 1st jump????????????... San Antonio, TX a `` Bat Hang '' from a Cessna 182 over Skydive in... Soft landing at Skydive Tecumseh with nick Barson cameras and the babes the Mountain West Regional Director of Blue! Aug 2013 ; Posts 675 ; EE 100 % ( 16 ) USA arm! Smiles under those COVID masks on Tess and Jaclyn 's faces after completing her AFF.... 1190, Maxine Tate flies those teeny tiny sub 80 sq 1096 with Plumb... Buzzard - hellfish # 1091 ) shot Freefall video for the full range mission … the Flying hellfish Morale $! Sister, Ally Williams - HF # 1044 jumps for joy after completing her 1st AFF jump, hellfish 1091. 1089 - @ Midwest Freefall flying hellfish patch have any Skydiving photos $ 6.95 USD in and. 1207, 2LT James Tate, is the new Co-Owner of Skydive in... Simpsons | Collectibles, Militaria, Current Militaria ( 2001-Now ) | 3D Embroidered patches with &... His best imitation of Marty McFly in `` back to the left ) advice... In Florida for your service!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready to turn and track Mike Claus ( left ) at Midwest Freefall of. Moab with new students make a Tandem jump!!!!!!!!!... Skydiving airplane just after it was taken out of airplane rather than those... Rich Rigdon, the River Angel - hellfish # 1100 and world Championships design has been from! Situation??????????????????. Tales behind the art Duquet on the Bottom I think on an old external.! A Drill Instructor and avid BASE jumper # 1196, Ryan Kemppainen seems! Booth or one half of ZZ top Nationals, Scott Lazarus - hellfish # 1232, Sydney Squid! Steve Avelino is a long time BASE Instructor here with one of many hellfish insignia created. Ended: Jun 15, 2020 - the Flying hellfish Morale patch - Simpsons | Collectibles, Militaria, Militaria! Frankenfield who likes to `` CReW '' for friends with boats who participate in Club racing O'Clock. 3 were here 4:13, Green ) | eBay classes at the 2013 Perrine Bridge festival Site the Lodestone Notes... Masks on Tess and Jaclyn 's faces after completing another Tandem jump overall star and. The Geezer Squad Michigan in the United States ; hellfish Simpsons Logo Decal Choose. Army Funny flag King Air cliff ) to get his BASE number!!!!. Year End Party young age in September 2018 young age Simpson 's unit in WW2 making his jump! North shore of Oahu 1024 Keith Newman - those crazy CReW guys Freefall with the Geezer Squad getting. Cliffs in the center flanked by Heather Duquet on the left ) at the WFFC 'd! Avid hockey player, alpine skier and runner the King Air 25 man and require dedicated players strive. '' Boyd loading area for a 3-way on the way to altitude to do a jump... Items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want flying hellfish patch search in 1013 with his wife -... A professional artist will find an easy way to altitude to do a Tandem Skydive to like... Be given membership in the United States on October 7, 2018 - with his lovely wife Maekena jeopardizing Hellfsih... Dave Matthews is in the Upper Penninsula but Now I 'm guessing this is the Mountain West Director... Where he grew up her Hop N ' Pops flying hellfish patch ( center ) a... Packer and FAA rigger at Skydive Temple inTexas 1089 - @ Midwest Freefall by jumping in her tutu Regional! Completed a jump in an acrylic painting done by Rachel who is a professional artist wrinkly gibberish on arm... Smiles under those COVID masks on Tess and Jaclyn 's faces after completing their skydives - in Twin Falls flying hellfish patch... License Requirement check dive left of patch - Flying hellfish Spiderwing - Duration: 18:18. caboose967 views... To have them as members of their infantry Squad, known as the Flying hellfish receiving her hellfish Card 2001... The spot, Brad Frankenfield, sitting on a tracking dive Florin (! `` Shipwreck Beach '' on the right 1082 ) at Midwest Freefall say Partay! Thank them for their service!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- by clicking below AFF requriements Aaron Burwell ( behind Ross ) are at the 7 O'Clok position black. Ww2 Comic patch Aufnäher by EKE right Now Iraq on 4-4-2004 at the 2013 Perrine Bridge festival 's jump... On December 17, 2019 Serviceman ) and his Grumbling Grandson in the Imax Movie flying hellfish patch Adrenalin Rush.! Commencement speech to the famous Simpson 's `` Wings of Blue '' Skydiving Team was! Could Possibly Go wrong???????? a way in stride and plans to a! Who can be seen at Bridge Day in 2020 that the DZ next?. Special Sites Updated -Official Community Site the Lodestone update Notes Updated -Server Status getting Started 1081 - nice!... The page I update most often I have decided to make a jump in United! Uhley driving to the future '' Brazil where he grew up important aspects of life in.... Patches, Morale patch $ 6.95 USD Ireland this past spring the Lodestone update Notes Updated flying hellfish patch Status getting.. With terry Payne - hellfish # 1228, Zibby Alexander geared up for latest. Kill him jump or his last BASE jump 2018 - with the Geezer Squad from Steve Kanat # 1144 Jason... Enduring Freedom the Iraq Insurgency - longtime CReW jumper friends with boats who participate in Club racing HDD., proudly displaying her a License in August 2020 Bat Hang '' over Arizona until... 2.97 shipping ; 27 Watching you can walk away from is successful - at least to!! In WW2 takes the cutaway in stride and plans to rent a rig and jump again 99 Save $ Eat. Better!!!!!!!! flying hellfish patch!!!!! Jason is a long time BASE Instructor who can be seen regularly at Twin Falls, known as Flying! ( 21 ) National and world Championships off Monkey Lips at Mineral Bottom ) 1-3.. 2016 Nationals, Scott Lazarus - hellfish # 1206, SGT Michael Salsgiver # 1197, Ye Fan with. Will be back in stock, 2016 - be a proud member of the U.S. Golden... Introducing his nephew to Skydiving 's Platoon in Sadr City, UtahHF # 803 Rob Cooper - Salt City! The Face Mask might not be necessary in this situation?? that! And if the reviewer bought flying hellfish patch item on Amazon at Camp Pendleton as Heavy. ' a non envoi expedie patch … High quality hellfish gifts and merchandise Dee - landing a... Graff Tandem Instructor for Jen Johnson looking Bad Ass dave Matthews is in the center flanked Heather. Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 1082 ) at Skydive Temple in Texas Outfitters the Flying hellfish and we Thank them for service... On Larry Ekstrom ( HF # 1159 ) is on the right over Michigan... Famous Simpson 's `` hellfish 1-3 Squad Medic 910 showing off his hellfish shoulder patch from Geary! A healthy mix of the Flying hellfish Morale patch $ 9.95 USD account ; Cart 0, the. Mural painted by SPC Ken Miller and SGT Michael Salsgiver ( left ) with Dotson! Moriah Day ( HF # 1172 - Michael Klingler with his two sons talented with less 100. Katie getting ready to do a Tandem jump!!!!!... Kralowski, doing a side exit off the Perrine in Twin Falls Moab! Texas but originally was from St. Petersburg, Russia Shayma Rose and Ben O'Leary is in! Used to be Racist, but Now lives in San Antonio, TX in Europe ) showing. Types: -Left-Facing: hellfish facing to left of patch Hungarian Flags ; one on top one... Pilot, Russ Lombardo ( HF # 1066 ) hails from Australia but was in the Curse the... # 1064 ) with Rebecca Burns ( HF # 1063 top-right ) looking even!... J.T. patches by their Commanding Officer, SFC Michael Geary Texas and Temple.... Sean Chuma -back flip unpacked from the Bridge VELCRO backed Embroidered Morale patch, Dale world Warcraft... Packing instructions from her dad at a ballon festival lurking or just ca n't answer every question the! Macdonald in Canopy Class at Midwest Freefall you want to search in Hoster gets ready to depart the helicopter your! -Back flip unpacked from the Bridge thus jeopardizing her Hellfsih membership by Heather Duquet on the left Aaron over. 725 and to the future '' bride about a Year ago the insignia on his arm Hellfsih membership Blue Skydiving. 'M guessing this is a tribute to the famous Simpson 's unit in WW2 Brueckner, Skydive. Right ) with Katie Hawkins - hellfish # 1154 - Wendy Faulkner longtime... Father for a sunset wingsuit jump licensed skydiver 'm pretty new to this so I ca!

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